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  • How do I discuss my book with you?
    Please email us at with an outline of what you are looking to publish, we will come back to you, and if we would like to discuss it further with you we will arrange a convenient time for a Zoom call.
  • Does my book need to be completed before I discuss it with you?
    No. We are happy to discuss books in all stages of creation, and have signed authors both before they have started writing their book, and after completion.
  • Do I need to pay you any money to publish my book?
    No. If we agree to publish your book, then no money will be requited from you to get your book published. We cover the editing, proof-reading, cover design, ISBN et al.
  • How long will it take to publish my book?
    This will depend on where you are in your creation of the book, however once we have received the completed manuscript we aim to have this published within six months, where our contract allows for up to a year.
  • How much will I receive as a royalty?
    This will depend on the book, however our minimum royalty is 10% of profits.
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