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Born eight years after World War II, the author had a close encounter with child killer, Ian Brady, when he was ten years old, that left him in a very dark place and unable to communicate his deep troubles for the next ten years.

Many years later, he was invited by veterans of two world wars and subsequent conflicts to become one of their chaplains. Having founded the Lifeshare charity in 1984, he knew all too well that veterans often ended up among those sleeping rough in his home city.

In Scars That Let in the Light, the author tells the stories of veterans, homeless people, young runaways and other remarkable folk who, having experienced things most of us would be broken by, came through to become 'wounded healers' who, understanding all too well the terrain others are mired in, go to extraordinary lengths to help them get through the swamp to solid ground.

David says: "These stories need to be told for, if we are to honour those who gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy, we must also honour those who came back: survivors bearing seen and unseen wounds."

Scars That Let in the Light by David Gray

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