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The anthology begins at the end with The Poetess' Portrait. It then goes back to her childhood, displaying how not every moment of a young life is happy.

Her life then progresses through her school years, followed by symptoms of her conditions. These symptoms include: simple madness, eating disorders, bipolarity, substance abuse, sex and unrequited love.

Then there are the beginnings of a joyous recovery as the poetess finds then pen and begins to write. Once she has found the pen she is overtaken, as all writers are, by a desire to write like the greats - she writes under their influence while still expressing only herself.

Finally, there is her maturity with the hope that it brings. The poetess realises that despite the psychiatric condition that will never leave her or the mistakes of her past, there is a great future ahead. She will see the next several decades through.

The Portrait of a Poetess by Agnes McConnel

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