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Debra Croft

Debra was born and raised in Liverpool and now lives in Runcorn with her husband Paul and their rescue lurcher dog, Disney.

She started writing as a hobby when she retired in 2022 and joined a small writing group. Her works consist of short stories which, up until now, has only been shared with friends and family. Now, she would like to share her stories with a wider audience, who she hopes will enjoy reading them just as much.

A Bit of a Twist is a series of twelve short stories all with a slight twist at the end. There is no one them, and some are heartwarming tales that will leave you feeling good about the world. Others have a more sinister ending, which will make you wonder just what people are capable of.

All are short tales, so they will make an ideal companion for that coffee break or quick bedtime read.

Debra Croft
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