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Kevin Brazier

Kevin is the author of several books on the Victoria Cross, the George Cross, the Knight's Cross, and the Blue Max. His next book covers the VCs of Queen Victoria's Little Wars: 1851-1901.

This book tells the story of the 114 men who were awarded the VC for action during some of the lesser known wars during Queen Victoria’s reign.

Each entry will cover the men’s lives up to and including their VC actions and go on throughout the rest of their lives. Although these are the lesser known wars, there are still many very interesting stories to tell.

Three of the eight men to have forfeited their awards are included. William Manley, the only man to be awarded the VC and the German Iron Cross, and the two Sartorius brothers, Euston and Reginald, are included, as is Andrew Fitzgibbon who is the youngest VC at 15 years and three months, as well as the strange stories of the crosses belonging to Hinckley and O’Hea.

All burial locations are listed, with photos of some of the graves and the most up to date locations of their VCs, where known.

Kevin Brazier
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