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Nick Le Huray

Nick is an amateur historian based in the Channel Islands, with an interest in the German Occupation of the Channel Islands during the Second World War. He has spent many years researching and collecting documents and information about the experiences of islanders during the war. His 36 years of experience as an auditor gave him the skill set to locate information in archives that had not been previously written about or had been released after previous books were written.

Having run a successful blog for a couple of years,, encouraged by friends, he started writing his book about those that risked everything to escape from the Channel Islands., and looks forward to sharing the amazing stories of those who escaped and those who sadly did not make it.

Nick is pictured with GU 28 Kate. Built by Walter Mapp at Castle Emplacement circa 1930. She was used in a daring escape from St. Sampsons's Harbour on 14th August 1943 at 1600 hours, when William H. Corbet, Jack Hubert, and Alf Bougourd left under the pretence of fishing near Bordeaux. They picked up four passengers on the shore and made off for Dartmouth, arriving at 1140 hours the next day.

As a result, the Germans stopped all fishing. When it was later resumed, a German guard accompanied each boat fishing. The Kate was shipped back to Guernsey after the liberation in May 1945 and continued in use at Rousse until 2005.

Nick Le Huray
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