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Peter Whyte-Venables

Born in Africa in 1961, Peter’s only passion for decades has been writing. As an erstwhile artist (commissions from HRH Princess Michael of Kent, Phil Collins, among many others), he has preferred to follow his nose rather than a career path. This, taking a convoluted route from manual labour to being proofreader for one of Poland’s topmost law firms, via Borneo (an expedition sponsored by HRH (the then) Prince of Wales, and for which he was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society) and the SAS, has allowed him the time to engage in his passion to the fullest.

He currently has four writing projects under way: the third and fourth parts of The Aleksander Quartet (a series of thrillers which takes the reader from WWII 1943 to apocalyptic 2026), One for the Road, an account of his four-month solo 21,000km motorcycle journey through 22 European countries; Girls, God and Vodka, an essential read for anyone planning to move to Poland, and Blades, a very alternative history of the SAS.

Since 2009 Peter has lived in Warsaw, which, in a break from the pattern to date, he has no intention of leaving, since it contains his only other passion – his young son.

Peter Whyte-Venables
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